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Metro Team Elite Organization
Founder: Robert L. Erwin, Jr., Executive Vice President
Co-Founder: Samuel B. Wolfolk, Regional Manager
My name is Robert L. Erwin, Jr., founder of one of the strongest organizations within Metro Public Adjustment, Inc. The Team Elite Organization.

Metro Public Adjustment, Inc. is the largest Public Adjustment firm in the U.S.
Metro Public Adjustment, Inc.
Our Mission - is to be the Public Adjusting firm that consistently exceeds the expectations of our clients and our people. Our competitive advantage lies in the quality of our people and the quality of the work we do for our clients.
and knowledge for help. Before deciding to live with damage or pay out-of-pocket for the costly repairs needed to fix your property, consider hiring a Public Adjuster, Metro Public Adjustment, Inc. We'll Evaluate Your Damage and Maximize Your Settlement. We specialize in managing and processing insurance claims for our clients. We understand the policy language. We are experienced in what to look for when disaster strikes. We'll present your claim properly to your insurance company.
Metro Public Adjustment, Inc. is your advocate. We are here to represent you through the pain staking process of documenting and filing a property damage claim. Policyholder's tired of less-than adequate property claim settlements - turn to our experience
Metro Public Adjustment, Inc. takes the anxiety out of the property loss insurance claims process. Serving on behalf of the property owner to the insurance company, Metro can make the difference between the minimum amount that the insurance company offers and the maximum amount that the property owner may be entitled to.

For added peace of mind, our clients turn to Metro Public Adjustment, Inc. as their advocate for obtaining all that their insurance policy has to offer when there is a property damage claim.


We're the best in the industry! We educate our clients on how their policy coverage will affect the claim.

We go step-by-step through the insurance policy to ensure a complete understanding of what, is and what isn't covered under the policy.

We help the customer understand the language of the policy and how it relates to their coverage.

METRO PUBLIC ADJUSTMENT services the following:
Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Marine, Condos, Churches, Schools, Government, Small Business and any real property.

We'll Evaluate Your Damage and Maximize Your Settlement!
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Copyright Metro Public Adjustment, Inc. - All Rights Reserved.
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