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February 2013
Northeast braces for a major winter nor'easter - with heavy winds, rain and snow.
Karen Jones
Regional Vice Pres.
Licensed in PA
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Welcome to Metro Public Adjustment, Inc. - Independent Representative Web Site
Regional Vice President
Karen Jones
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My name is Karen Jones, and I am a member of one of the strongest organizations within Metro Public Adjustment, Inc. - The Team Elite Organization.

The American economy is weakening. People are losing their jobs and the means by which they provide for their families. Unfortunately, we are in economic turmoil. While all of this is going on, Metro Public Adjustment, Inc. is continuing its growth at a phenomenal rate. The industry of Public Adjusting is not threatened by the downswing of the economy. If you're out of work, downsized, and you're looking for a new career opportunity - then we're looking for you.

You're in the right place at the right time and this may just be the career move you've been looking for.
You can APPLY NOW for immediate consideration and schedule a Pre-Interview appointment.
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The Public Adjusting industry has been in existance for more than 125 years and most of its origins started in Pennsylvania.

Even though this industry has been around for some time, many people still are unaware of who we are, why we exist and what it is that we do for them. Additionally, this industry is continuously growing and in need of well trained, professionals to help continue on the mission of being an advocate for the rights of the consumer.

The cost of training in this field of work is quite expensive and there aren't many schools arond that have courses devoted to the Public Adjusting industry. It’s sometimes viewed as a kind of “hands-on” learning experience for many field adjusters.

Our firm invites you to apply for the opportunity enter our training program and get OJT (On the Job Training). We offer a training program to our trainees to help them obtain the licensing required by some states in order to do business in this field.
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Who we are and what we do as Public Adjusters
Metro Public Adjustment, Inc. - is headquartered in Bensalem, PA. We are an elite team of Claims Representatives trained by Metro and ready to assist you in getting the maximum amount of money you deserve and help you to bring your damaged property back to its pre-loss condition.

Since 1993, Metro Public Adjustment, Inc. has been an advocate for the rights of you, the property owner. Our primary purpose is to help you navigate through the turbulent waters of settling your property loss claim. Just as any vessel needs an experience captain and crew to navigate the ship, so does the typical homeowner when battling against the insurance companies for their rights.

We are an elite team of Claims Representatives trained by Metro and licensed & bonded by the state - ready to assist our customers in getting the maximum amount of money their policy will allow during the claim settlement process and help them to bring their damaged property back to its pre-loss condition.

Our primary mission, to “Educate and Protect the Policyholder”.
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October 2012
So your home was damage by Super-Storm Sandy... Now what?
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