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It's a tough economy out here today. To keep your head above water you've got to remain open minded, diverse and willing to do what it takes to make ends meet and to see your dreams become a reality. There has been a paradigm shift in our once comfortable system of - go to school, get a degree and get a good job. If you haven't noticed, those days are long gone.

Profound quote - "In order to be successful, you must be willing to do the things today that others don't... in order to have the things tomorrow, that others won't!" - Les Brown

Explore The Perfect Business with a company that has been doing business successfully in an industry very few even know about. We're looking for the right people to join our team as we continue our growth and expansion throughout the United States and globally.

We invite you to take a look at our company and the industry. If you see an opportunity for yourself or maybe someone you know - we want you to get in touch with us for an immediate interview to further discuss the possibilities.

It's that simple.

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We have multiple positions for the right candidates and immediate consideration
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Career Options Available:

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We have an immediate need NOW to hire & train the right people to handle the large volume of business we're experiencing within our industry.

We will provide all of the Hands-On Training, Tools and Support you'll need to be successful.

You only need to bring a willingness to learn and a determination to succeed.
No experience necessary... we'll teach and train you and best of all - we offer a PAID TRAINING program. For details on our paid training program - see below.
watch the video for details about paid training.
Metro wants our new representatives to have the success they desire upon joining our business.

This program sets into motion, the ability for all new reps in training to earn a bonus for their time while in our training program.

Metro's CEO, explains the PCR Bonus (PAID TRAINING) Program.
Say so long to stress about overdue bills.
Work flexible hours doing something you can become passionate about.
Reclaim the lifestyle you desire.
Relax, knowing your children's future and education are secure.
Start dreaming again - you can have the things you've always wanted.
Take those exotic vacations with family.
Own the nice car or boat you've dreamed of, and much more.
11 Million claims are reported each year. Less than 5% of those claims reported are represented by Public Insurance Adjusters.

We're going to tell you what customers don't know and how you can get them paid thousands of dollars more.
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Independent insurance adjusters can earn salaries upwards $100,000.00 per year and they're working for the insurance companies. For the Public Adjuster, the sky is the limit.

As a Property Damage Claim Consultant (aka Public Adjuster), you become an advocate for the policyholder.

As a Public Adjuster, you will help more people and you can potentially earn as much or more than an independent insurance adjuster.
Why does someone need our services?
The name of our firm is Metro Public Adjustment, Inc. We are the largest public adjustment company in the United States.

We are an elite team of Claim Representatives trained by Metro and ready to assist our clients in getting the maximum amount of money their policy will allow in order to help them to bring the damaged property back to its pre-loss condition.

Since 1993, Metro Public Adjustment, Inc. has been an advocate for the rights of property owners. Our primary purpose is to help you navigate through the turbulent waters of settling property damage claims. Just as any vessel needs an experienced captain and crew, so does the typical homeowner when battling against the insurance companies for their rights.
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